MAPEEG-2019 will be held in Vladivostok city and Vostok Marine Biological Station on September 08-13, 2019.

Vladivostok is the administrative center of the Primorsky Region (Primorye), located in the South of the region. Vladivostok is the largest seaport of Russia in the Pacific and the terminal of the Trans-Siberian railway. It connects the Far East Russia with the European part of Russia through Siberia. Vladivostok was established as a military Russia fort in the Far East in 1860 and was an entirely navy port for a long time. Rich natural resources of the Primorsky Region and a suitable location gave an impulse for its development as a commercial port and the industrial and research center of the Far East Russia. Now it has a population of approximately 800,000 residents. Vladivostok has some two dozen colleges and universities, including Far Eastern Federal University, Far East Medical University, Maritime State University and others. It is also the location of a large research center - the Far East Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences (FEB RAS), which consists of 23 research institutions. National Scientific Center of Marine Biology, NSCMB FEB RAS located at Vladivostok.

The Vostok Marine Biological Station (MBS) located in the southern Primorye, 200 km apart from Vladivostok, near Nakhodka city. Station is situated on the beautiful place on the sea beach. It belongs to the National Scientific Center of Marine Biology, NSCMB FEB RAS.

Research at NSCMB is focused on studies in the ecology, cell biophysics, genetics, embryology and other investigations on marine fish and invertebrates, description of flora and fauna of Far Eastern seas of Russia and world-wide. Scientists from many places from Russia and abroad are conduct at NSCMB their research in collaboration with the Institution's staff. Climate in Vladivostok and close marine area is pronounced monsoon: an average day temperature in September is 20-25 o C. In the night the temperature may be sometimes rather chilly and a warm pullover will be O.K. The temperature of water this time in adjacent bays is 18-20 o C. Generally, there is plenty of sunshine in the September, although occasional rain is also possible. Thus, an umbrella or rain coat is recommended.



Travel to Vladivostok will be mostly by air. The Symposium will be held during the tourist season, that is why, make in time booking, please. At present, Vladivostok is linked by direct flights with many cities in U.S.A., Canada, as well as in Japan, in South Korea etc.

Daily many flights connect Vladivostok with the largest Russian cities: Moscow, S.Petersburg, Novosibirsk and others. Attendees from Europe can fly to Vladivostok through Moscow or Seoul (Korea), which are linked with many international airports by different airlines. If you use Aeroflot Russian lines, please, make reservations in Aeroflot office in your country. The Organizing Committee will be pleased to help you to choose the best and cheapest way to Vladivostok and back.



Arrival is expected on Sunday, September 3. Foreign attendees that provide info on their arrival datum and flight number will be picked up by our staff. Otherwise you have to reach Vladivostok by taxi or bus, that available at the Airport. Airport located in one hour drive from the center of Vladivostok. Departure is expected on Thursday, September 13. A lift to Airport will be provided to those participants that depart this day.



After arrival, you will be accommodated at the hotel in the suburb of Vladivostok or in the center of the city. Tentative cost of rooms is $60-100 per person in a single room or room shared for two. During excursion to Vostok MBS, you could have bus trip directly there. Accommodations, if necessary, may be provided on individual basis by hosting team or directly by contacting with hotel. On the Vostok station participants will be accommodated in the campus looks like small cottages, the room shared mostly by two persons. Feeding will be arranged with a law price. The entering and final banquets are planning.



Two trips will be organized as noted in the first circular letter. If participants interested, we could propose a marine trip to islands in the Peter the Great Bay, and bus trip to Nakhodka city. Excursion to site seeing points in Vladivostok city and visiting of some art galleries and museums also may be arranged upon request. Visiting of some institutions of Far East Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences is possible as well.