The Meeting Includes Offline and Online Presentations

Offline Presentations

  • Offline presentations include keynote (plenary), session speaker, and workshops talks (classes). The keynote and workshops speakers will offer for 30-40 minutes, session speakers for 20 minutes. All presenters must reserve time for replies to the questions.
  • Offline video presentations same as for the three above modes should be recorded for 20-40 minutes (including time for replies to the questions) and these recorded presentations will be played during the meeting.
  •  The PC demonstration via Microsoft PowerPoint (Windows OS) is welcome as a tool for illustration of the presentation. We recommend replicating the key points of the presentation in a poster.

Online Presentations

  • Online presentations include keynote (plenary), session speaker, and workshops talks (classes). 
  • Online video sessions can be done through live streaming where everyone can listen to the presentations and discuss. For online presentations, time schedule is the same as for offline sessions.
  • Details on the WEB communication tools are as follows. 
    The link to online sessions of symposium MAPEEG-2022 is available and will work Sept 9-11 (see below).

  • Prior to your session, you must install on your laptop the trueconf software (a client-version). 
    Also, we strongly advise to online speakers send us the file of your presentation in a case of a signal fault (Microsoft Office 15 or lower in PowerPoint .pptx/.ppsx or even a pdf-file if the file will be too large). Send your presentation file to the session manager: Alexander Redin, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Poster Presentation

  • There will be a special offline poster session at the MAPEEG-2022. For those who like this kind of presentation, all the facilities will be arranged. The presentation should be easily read and a high profile is given to the illustrations. The size of a poster should be close to 80x120 cmб A0 (width x length).