On the 15th of September, the NSCMB FEB RAS held a working online-meeting with Sanya Institute of Deep-Sea Science and Engineering, Chinese Academy of Sciences (SIDSSE CAS) on the topic "Joint cruise and mutual cooperation".

The Russian side was represented by the Scientific Leader of the Center Academician of RAS Andrey Vladimirovich Adrianov, Deputy Director for International Cooperation Ph.D. Konstantin Anatolyevich Lutaenko, Deputy Director for Science Ph.D. Vladimir Vladimirovich Mordukhovich, Scientific Head of the Laboratory of Systematics and Morphology Ph.D. Tatyana Nikolaevna Dautova, Senior Researcher of Laboratory Systematics and Morphology Ph.D. Olga Anatolyevna Golovan, Scientific Head of the Laboratory of Marine Ecosystem Dynamics Ph.D. Anastasia Sergeevna Mayorova, and Communication Specialist of International Cooperation Department Viktoriya Romanovna Tsoy.

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The Chinese side was represented by the Deputy Director of SIDSSE CAS, Prof. Dr. PENG Xiao-Tong, the Researcher in deep-sea biology Dr. ZHANG Hai-bin, Deputy Director Deep-Sea Research Department and Deep-Sea microbiology specialist Dr. ZHANG Wei-Jia, associate researcher (biomineralization) Dr. XU Heng-Chao, Associate researchers in geology Dr. ZHOU Peng, Dr. XU Wen-Jing, Dr. HE Yuan, Program officer of International Cooperation Ms. GU Ya-Li, Program officer of Cruise Organization Department Ms. WANG Xing-Na, and International affairs assistant Ms. Sarah REPLOGLE.

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The online-conference was started with introductory part and acquaintance participants from two sides. Ms. GU, who moderated the online-meeting, represented Chinese participants. First, Konstantin A. Lutaenko gave a floor to Russian participants. Academician of RAS A.V. Adrianov made the opening speech on prospects for scientific cooperation.

"The main interest of the Russian team is to estimate on area of biodiversity in the Hadal zone and to compare biodiversity in different trenches and at different latitudes, to study how the biota formed in the past and present time, to study adaptation of abyssal and hadal organisms to this extreme environment. We will combine our experience, our facilities and start to cooperate. I think, it will be a real progress!"

Further, the floor was given to the Russian participants of the meeting to V.V. Mordukhovich, T.N. Dautova. O.A. Golovan, and A.S. Maiorova.

Ms. GU Ya-Li presented the report "Brief introduction of SIDSSE and Engineering of CAS" that briefly described the work of the Institute:

"The Sanya Institute of Deep-Sea Science and Engineering CAS was founded in 2016 in Sanya, Hainan Province, China. Currently, SIDSSE CAS employs more than 280 employees and more than 150 graduate students, mostly doctors (PhD) and graduates. This organization has three divisions: the Deep Sea Science Division, the Deep Sea Engineering and Technology Division, and the Center of Marine Equipment and Operation Center."

Prof. PENG Xiao-Tong gave the report "SIDSSE Concept on Research and Joint Cruise to Aleutian and Kuril-Kamchatka Trenches".

Konstantin A. Lutaenko told shortly about history, structure, scientific directions, international activities of the NSCMB FEB RAS, and about joint expeditions with foreign organizations. Konstantin Anatolyevich informed the audience about activities of the Scientific-Educational Center "Primorky Aquarium", branch of the NSCMB. His report was continued by Ph.D. Vladimir V. Mordukhovich, who enlightened the achievements in deep-sea research of the IBM/NSCMB FEB RAS.

Further, during the discussion, general agreement emerged to conduct a joint research expedition planned for the summer of 2024. This expedition will become an important stage of cooperation and will expand our knowledges about the World Ocean. Also, the participants of the conference discussed the upcoming signing of the Memorandum of Understanding between the NSCMB FEB RAS and SIDSSE CAS.

The online working conference lasted more than two hours. The meeting was very fruitful and constructive. Two sides expressed thankful and hope to conduct soon an online-conference and to discuss future joint scientific cooperation in more detail.

NSCMB FEB RAS International Cooperation Department