In connection with termination of the Memorandum on cooperation between A.V. Zhirmunsky National Scientific Center of Marine Biology, (NSCMB FEB RAS) and the South China Sea Institute of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (SCSIO CAS), appointment of the new Director of the Center, and on invitation of the SCSIO CAS management, delegation of the NSCMB FEB RAS on the 20th – 23rd of October visited SCSIO in Guangzhou (China, Guangdong Province). The delegation included: the Scientific Supervisor of the Center (President), Academician of RAS Andrey Vladimirovich Adrianov; Director of the Center, Corr. Member of RAS Igor Yuryevich Dolmatov; Deputy Director for Science, PhD. Tatyana Yuryevna Orlova; and Deputy Director for International Cooperation, PhD. Konstantin Anatolyevich Lutaenko.


These two institutions leading marine biological research in tropical and sub-tropical waters of the South-China Sea have strong scientific cooperation that demands now to expand and improve the new concept of the green economy in China and to develop a scientific cooperation between our countries for the mutual benefits.

The Prof. Eduard A. Titlyanov and PhD. Tamara V. Titlyanova have contributed to formation of scientific cooperation on the mutual benefits between SCSIO CAS and NSCMB FEB RAS. They have been working on the studying the algal flora of coral reef at the tropical stations of this Institute on Hainan Island. The Titlyanovs have published the paper series and a monograph in English and Chinese languages.

On the 21st of October, the SCSIO CAS held a joint meeting, where previous studies and cooperation perspectives were discussed. The Prof. Chaolun Li and Academician of RAS Andrey A. Adrianov opened the meeting with welcome speeches.

The NSCMB FEB RAS Director Igor Yu. Dolmatov thanked the leadership of the Chinese Institute-partner for invitation and called for further development of scientific cooperation on a new basis. Prof. Kuiyuan Wan in his presentation told about history, goals, objectives, achievements and the structure of SCSIO CAS. Igor Yu. Dolmatov represented a similar presentation about NSCMB FEB RAS. During the discussion, both sides determined the common and future tasks of joint work, discussed the possible funding and opportunities of academic exchanges. The Prof. Chaolun Li underlined that Chinese initiative “One Belt – One Road” celebrated in this year a decade. It includes a scientific component and academic cooperation, and the new Memorandum prepared for signing is just in time. It was agreed, that the support of joint taxonomic researches is the priority of bilateral cooperation, and SCSIO CAS suggested to organize the collaborative meeting with this issue. Moreover, the participants discussed a possibility of joint expedition to the South-China Sea. Andrey V. Adrianov proposed to pay attention on exchange of young scientists and postgraduates.

The meeting closed with the signing of the new Memorandum on cooperation, the validity of which is 10 years, from 21 October 2023 till 21 October 2033. The both sides exchanged gifts.

The inviting party conducted an introductory tour of the SCSIO CAS Institute and Museum. The Russian delegation visited also South China Botanical Garden and a banquet on behalf of the host party.

All the events took place in a friendly, welcoming atmosphere. Both sides expressed satisfaction of the meeting and expect the fruitful cooperation between SCSIO CAS and NSCMB FEB RAS in the field of marine biology.

NSCMB FEB RAS International Cooperation Department