Dear Colleague,

We are pleased invite you to attend the International Symposium



Meeting is held by Far East Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences (FEB RAS), A.V. Zhirmunsky National Science Center of Marine Biology FEB RAS (NSCMB, Vladivostok), Federal Science Center of Biodidiversity in East Asia FEB RAS, Far Eastern Federal University (FEFU), and Vladivostok Public Foundation for Development of Genetics (VFDG).

MAPEEG-2019 is the tenth symposium held in Vladivostok and Vostok Marine Biological Station, Russia. The symposium was be arranged on September 8-13, 2019. Current meeting will be primarily hosted by NSCMB.

 SkyGen LLC is the Main Sponsor of the Meeting


The main subjects are the following:

·         Evolutionary Genetics & Genomics

·         Molecular Systematics, DNA Barcoding and Phylogenetics

·         Microevolution. Population-Genetic Structure of Species

·         Ecological Genetics



Organizing committee:

Yuri Kartavtsev (Chairman), Dmitry Atopkin, Sergey Turanov (Moderators), Anton Chichvarkhin, Olga Chichvarkhina, Irina Kartavtseva, Oleg Katugin, Natalia Masalkova, Alla Oleinik, Alexander Redin, Sergey Shedko, Irina Sheremetyeva, Anna Zolotova (Members).


For VFDG members no registration fee is awailable; applying students may have some discount on the request. Fees and expenses are listed hereWorking language at the meeting is English. You can present either oral presentation or a poster (details).


Registration forms will be accepted by March 20, 2019; abstracts (see sample) by May 20, 2019 (1 page, Times NR 12, 1.0 space interval (the speaker’s name must underlined in the Registration Form).


E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.; Fax: 4232-310900, Tel. 4232-311138 (Office), +79502803084 (Cell), to Dr. Sergei Turanov.